Industry-Bloc Pumps

All-purpose single-stage circulation pumps in compact design for the use in water supply, cooling and refrigeration technology, air-conditioning, filtration, shipbuilding, apparatus engineering, energy technique, plastics processing and general machine engineering, wide range of designs with various types and material modifications for clean or slightly polluted liquids. Well-established pump type for economical, reliable and long-lasting operation.

  • NUB
  • CB


◇High energy-efficiency
Low velocity of flow
Low velocity head differences
◇Easy installation
Large flange inside diameters
Pipe extensions do not apply
Optional mounting positions
Compact pump design
◇Easy maintenance
Operating pressure up to 10 bar
Temperature -40℃ up to +140℃
Viscosity up to 115 mm2/s
        ◇Technical superiority
Open impellers without axial thrust or balanced closed impellers
Compensation of radial forces by means of diffuser devices in the annular casing
Process reliability
Partial gas supply
Wide performance curve characteristics
Flat or steep characteristic curves
Excellent control mode